Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

Nov. 9, 10, 11, 12 – 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 2017 – 8.00 PM – Weekend matinee 2.30 PM

Saturday: 2 shows 2:30PM and 8PM – Sunday: 1 show at 2:30PM


Directed by Aaron Latham and Graydon Gund

GK Arts Center, 29 Jay St., Dumbo Brooklyn, NY 11201


StoPD (Support and Training to Overcome Parkinson’s Disease), in collaboration with Shetler Studios, Room 15 Theater Group and GK Arts Center, presents ‘Golden Boy’, written by Clifford Odets and directed by Aaron Latham and Graydon Gund. 

Performed at GK Arts Center, the renowned Off-Broadway house located in the heart of Dumbo, this play will entertain you and move you. Most importantly this show will be a testament to the strength of the Parkinson’s Community.

This revival of Odets masterpiece will be co-directed by Aaron Latham, journalist, playwright and author of such movies as ‘Urban Cowboy’ and ‘The Program’, and Graydon Gund, Skidmore College and Moscow Art Theater alumnus with an already impressive number of Off-Broadway and regional theater credits.

With set and costumes designed by award winning Off-Broadway and Off West-End theater designer Anna Driftmier, fight choreography by Hollywood and Broadway fight director Michael Olajide and live music performed by critically acclaimed violinist Filip Pogady, the play will feature professional actors who are living with Parkinson’s in two of the main roles. Furthermore, many of our production and creative team members have Parkinson’s and contributed their expertise to build this project from the ground up.

Alex Montaldo, co-founder of stoPD, will play the lead role of Joe Bonaparte.

All the proceeds will go to fund stoPD new programs in New York and Los Angeles .


The play focuses on Joe Bonaparte, whose dream of becoming a violinist could become a reality when prizefight promoter Roxy Gottlieb offer to sponsor him as a boxer. He finds himself torn between the lure of big money and the distinct possibility of injuring his hands, thereby destroying his musical career. Among those offering him advice are his Italian immigrant father, his manager Tom Moody, and Tom’s girlfriend Lorna Moon, with whom Joe falls in love.



stoPD, Inc. (Support and Training to Overcome Parkinson’s disease)

Ron Shetler        

Gregg Prosser    

Jon Spano           

Aaron Latham    

Supporters and Special Thanks:

Lesley Stahl

Taylor Latham Stahl   

Bonnie Benedeck

Bruce Silverglade

Michael Chernov and GK Arts Center


Judith Helf   


Richard Kornberg/Kornberg and Associates

Production Manager;

Suzanne Keller


Aaron Latham    

Graydon Gund   

Stage Manager:

Lydia Caballero

Set Design:

Anna Driftmier   

Costume Design:

Anna Driftmier

Fight Choreography:

Michael Olajide   

Live Music performed by:

Filip Pogady   

Sound Design:

Megan Culley


Alex Montaldo – Joe Bonaparte   

Ron Shetler – Mr. Bonaparte        

Gregg Prosser – Tom Moody        

Lorna Moon – Kathleen Simmonds

Tokio – John Duddy

Mr. Carp – David Cohen

Frank Bonaparte – Montgomery Mauro

Anna Bonaparte – Mia Christo

Siggie – Fady Kerko

Roxy Gottlieb – James Rich

Eddie Fuselli –  Jon Spano

Pepper White – Jeffrey Alkins


Miah Kane

Patrick Faerber

Boxing smaller cropped



Golden Boy2017

Gregg Prosser as Tom Moody

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