Let Me Try – September 14 & 15 2018

“Let Me Try” is the multicultural and multi-disciplinary project, winner of the Bando ScrabbleLab
“Residenze artistico-creative in Sardegna” financed in the field of the POR FESR 2014-2020, lead
by the company L’Effimero Meraviglioso directed by Maria Assunta Calvisi (Sinnai – Sardinia) with
an international partnership with Kataklisma Teatro of Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano (Rome)
and Alessandra Corona Performing Works directed by the dancer and choreographer Alessandra
Corona (New York).

A synergy derived from a community of intent, to develop new and interesting forms of
communication and interaction inbetween artists and companies, with the involvement of
professionals and experts of different disciplines, in order to offer the participants a wider
prospective on different ambits, leading them to gain experience through different techniques,
styles and artistic languages.

“Let Me Try”, conceived and artistically directed by Maria Assunta Calvisi (stage manager and
artistic director of L’Effimero Meraviglioso), was born with the aim to valorize and train the young
talents through the encounter and the comparison with other realities in Italy and abroad. It
identifies the artistic residency as the ideal modality to make a fruitful cultural exchange with
significant social and economical outcomes.

The Teatro Civico di Sinnai became the fulcrum of an international co-production made possible
by the sum of skills and artistic and technical knoweledge aimed at offering the young participants
a high level artistic and professional experience in which human and expressive dimentions are
melded together.

The curtain goes up on the intriguing story shaped by significant freeze-frames, “tranches de
vie” (tales of life) and fragments of theater in which various narative levels alternate and interwine
between short monologues and dialogues, dance sequences, and imaginative visions: the focus is
on the young protagoists that expose themselves revealing fragilities and concernes but also the
determination to press on and follow their own path among countless difficulties.

Differences and contrasts are pointed out as well as the common desire to start a new adventure
where both real and symbolic distances, different training and geographical origin, colture and
traditions, personal experience and connection to the roots rapresent a valuable asset and the
starting point for comparison and exchange.

Current issues are addressed in a private sphere among sensitive topics such as wounded souls
and self-acceptance, through the metaphors of a “place” to occupy on stage and in the world, of
weight and lightness, the narcissistic desire to appear and the anxiety and desire to desappear,
themes that emerge as if by chance in the conversations where the art of fiction results in a great

It’s a game of theater within theater where the protagonists reveal themselves through words and
gestures, glances and silence and their real or invented stories become the theme of narration
through the dramaturgic elaboration of Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano, also directors of the
show in which we find the confluence of texts and performances created in the past seven
months and during an intense rehearsal month with inspections and confrontation with the
masters, actress Miana Merisi, film director and cinematographer Giovanni Coda (creator of awardwinning
works theat have been hosted at festivals all over the world) and dancer and
choreographer Guido Tuveri, to help shape a script that encloses instances and desires, questions
and impulses of a heterogeneous yet harmonious company of young performers.