Theater Rental @ GK ARTS CENTER

Rental Details

Theater rental available for theatrical performances, rehearsals, corporate events, film/video/photo shoots, and receptions. Nonprofit rental rates available. Rental includes theater, theater lobby, use of dressing room space.

Theater seats 308.
Stage is 50ft wide x 48 feet deep (2,400 sq ft)- stage depth can be increased up to 78 feet from lip of stage. There are 5 wings with cyclorama, black scrim and black traveler. Harlequin spring floor with black performance Marley and 22 foot grid with 32 foot high ceiling.

Technical specs:

a) Seating chart
b) Soft Goods Inventory
c) Lighting Inventory
d) Lighting Rep Plot
e) Lighting Section Plot
f) Sound Inventory
g) Magic Sheet

Theater Rental Reservation Form


GKARTS_studio 2 high res


Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center Plan 2016

Standard configuration – 310 capacity

Seating: 310 on tiered risers

Dance: State of the art Harlequin floor covered in black Marley
Theater: Black 1/4″ plywood laid under Harlequin floor
Concerts: Raised stage 1 meter high (optional)

Masking/Soft goods:

Black legs and borders create 5 wings stage right and left (can be increased to 7 wings)
Upstage is white translucent cyc – backlit
Bounce Cyc
Black Sharktooth scrim
Full black traveler immediately downstage of cyc

Optional: white scrims, travelers house curtain and other softgoods

Option to have a 35’-0” backstage area
3 Dressing Rooms w/Makeup Tables & Mirrors-capacity 35-50
Scenery Storage
Props Storage
Temporary Production Offices

See attached instruments and rep plot with an Ion Lighting Console

Flown EAW 2 way speakers Right and Left above Proscenium
EAW Subs on the floor with EAW 2 way speakers
EAW 2 way speakers in wings 2 and 4
Clear-Com System throughout
Yamaha LS-9 Console with F/X rack, playback options in lighting/sound booth

Lighting/Sound/SM booth:
At back of house, top of risers, there is a control booth approximately 8’-6” deep x 12’-0” wide.
This is the location for the lighting and sound consoles, as well as a stage management position.
Front of the booth is open to the audience.

Photo of empty theater with specs
50ft wide by 48 feet deep- 2,400 sq ft (stage depth can be increased up to 78 feet from lip of stage)
38 feet leg to leg
5 wings with cyclorama, black scrim and black traveler
Harlequin sprung floor with black performance Marley
22 foot grid and 32 foot high ceiling
Technical specs (Include pdfs for download):
Seating Chart
Soft Goods Inventory
Lighting Inventory
Lighting Rep Plot
Lighting Section Plot
Sound Inventory
Magic Sheet

Non-profit rental rate available and special weekday rate available.
Theater rental includes the following space: theater, theater lobby, use of dressing room space.
For additional information and to reserve space: